⭐️November is for Miracles⭐️

A “Facebook Memory” from 6 years ago popped up on my timeline this morning. It was a post written when I was running my business out of a 150 sq. ft. space. In November 2012 I went to work every day with my to-do lists, I decorated that tiny space with the heart of someone decorating the Taj Mahal. I put my sign out on the street everyday. I worked. I waited. I worked more and my heart was the holder of a constant anticipation. Less than three months later my entire life and business took a new direction.

The seeds of my work were blooming. Six years later my seeds continue to bloom. There is and always has been a knowing that I will always be in business. I will always be of service to people and be compensated for it. As I was six years ago, and again last year when I opened my 2nd studio I am again on the cusp of something brighter now. These seeds continue to grow, they’ve been growing like a vine for 39 years. Are you growing? Do you feel this stirring of the heart I speak of here? Do you believe in miracles? My friend, there is nothing I won’t have and the same is true for you.

I believe in the teachers of the world, the ones who make you say, “I will never see the world the same way again.” Something is happening inside, I work and I wait. And then, when I’m least expecting it - in the midst of a practice session or during a joyful editing process - The Call comes. 👩🏻‍🏫 Ms. Wanda Paeka, Mr. Milton Watts, Mr. Richard Geiger, Miss Cindy, Sarah Murray, Richard Fixler, Chris Campbell...teachers that changed my life I’m forever grateful, in my heart always. Thank you for showing me a different way to see the world.

Thank you God for the Love I experience every day from the caring students, friends, and chance encounters of my everyday. I asked for this life a long time ago in my bedroom as a very young child and I will never forget or take this for granted. This is my Life and my Purpose. ⭐️November is for miracles⭐️#brandiland