The Shadow Side of Authenticity

Yesterday and Today were days of epiphany and processing - two themes that are dear, old friends of mine. Some time ago I chose to live open-hearted and with this, I knew I’d be wide open to not only the “good” authentic aspects of myself and of others, but also the “bad”. I was scared but I chose this path because once you see behind the curtain there is no going back. 

With this choice comes the realization that I will experience the highest of highs but I will also know deep pain as well. I continue to chose to be open because even though the pain is scary, what it brings are Helpers - and I mean this in a very real sense. 

I had a text conversation today with a person that completely changed my perspective. Had I not been open to my own pain with myself and subsequently shared that with another, I imagine I’d be trying to “figure it out” on my own and that has always been a paltry crumb compared to the connection and revelation brought on by another.

Living authentically is not all rainbows and glitter. But pain is part of “doing life right” and it shouldn’t be made into a monster. Pain - and joy - mean you are experiencing this thing called life to its fullest. And this is where all the miracles are.