What would someone that loves themselves do right now?

“What would someone that loves themselves do right now?” 

This is an exercise I’ve been practicing for the past few days. With the end of the fall semester upon me, running two studios full time and just getting over a breakup, it’s been a challenging time for me for sure.

Asking myself this question multiple times throughout the day has yielded results that feel so good. I was on hold with the IRS this morning and started to get frustrated getting passed from one customer service rep to the next when I remembered to ask myself, “What would someone that loves themselves do right now?” 

My irritation quickly faded and my intuition told me, “Keep the phone on speaker and go pick up the cat.” I immediately felt better and got done what needed to be done with the taxes. It’s funny how our intuition always tells us what’s best for us, we only need ask....and then listen. 

This holiday season I invite you all to ask yourself this question anytime you feel overwhelmed or unsure of what decision you should make. I’m really loving the way it’s making me remember who I am, especially in the hardest and most stressful of times!

Love to all of you, Brandi