Permanently Delete

This weekend I forgot who I was temporarily. I was hurt by someone and I reacted to that by getting angry and making it my mission to make sure that person knew how much I was hurt. I feel ashamed because it is beneath me, and it is beneath the relationship that I have with this person. The relationship is like nothing I've known before, it is heaven on earth, it is everything. Why did I go to that dark place? I've only hurt myself. Why did I think I needed something that was already there - and is there all the time? Fuck this conditioned response - I am done with you as of today! I have everything, I always have with this person - as of today, I permanently delete all negative mechanisms within me and I will not allow myself to buy into any more illusions of lack. People aren't always going to respond in the exact way you want them to - it doesn't mean anything is wrong or lacking. I now use this incident to see what is still inside me that is not on my level and I am letting it all go. This weekend I am humbled and softened even more. This weekend I see what I had inside me that needs to be thrown away forever. I ask for nothing and I get everything. This is my life and it is the perfect life. I will not let paltry crumbs of past conditioning intrude upon that again.