Classic Sexy Movement: No Tricks, No Frills

I get asked a lot: "What do you teach in your beginner pole dance class?" In this video, I dance using only classic sexy movement -the core of exotic dance - and as you can see, with the right amount of sass (and body tracing - I can't seem to stop tracing my body, hair, the floor, the pole...!), the most basic moves are super-sexy! 

I teach women how to pole dance from the most basic level, and many of the moves in this video are the foundation of what my curriculum entails. Anyone can learn to dance sexy, feel sexy and be a pole dancer as long as they have the desire, the courage and a little bit of a rebellious spirit! 

A list of exotic dance moves danced in this video are:

-Basic Pole Walk
-Backslide Down Pole
-Floorwork: Straddles
-Floorwork: Flirts
-Cross Steps
-Fireman Spin
-Knee Hook on Pole
-Booty Up
-Back Hook Spin
-Chair Spin
-Figure 8s