A Lil' More Rock N Roll

I'm good with chipped toenail polish

Bumps in my ponytails

Dust on the mantle

A kinda sorta not really - eh fuck it, it's unblended - smokey eye.

I'm gonna be just fine if there's a hair extension peeking out from my do

Or if my voice quavers sometimes when I get excited or nervous 

I'm okay with clothes from the night before and the night before that on the floor, draped on a chair, Victoria's Secret on the chandelier

Cat fur on my blouse ain't gonna lessen my swagger

Handprints and some toothpaste on the mirror

Dishes in the sink from Sunday on a Tuesday morning.

Faded yoga pants, slightly sheer in a fold forward

I still feel fly as fuck with and extra pound or two or three

Legs unshaven for 2 days, who am I kidding, try 4

A slightly flawed tattoo isn't gonna rain on my parade

I'm okay with these things not being perfect.

When I was a girl, I dreamed of being a woman: amazing, beautiful, talented, kind, Miss America and a Boss Bitch

And still

I like it a lil messy, a lil raw

And besides that

I've always been a little more rock 'n roll 

Than beauty pageant.

Even so

To me, I'm still Miss America 

Cause I rock my crown 

Wherever I go

No matter what.