My First Digital Download Tutorial


When I first started pole dancing, there was nothing I wanted more than to get a sexy, badass split (hello drop splits!) Stretching was such a pain (literally and figuratively!) but I was determined to find a way to get those elusive splits. All it took was a little planning and some mind training, and I found a way to make stretching a part of my routine - and it wasn't that hard, in fact, it was actually pretty fun and relaxing! In this video, I share the routine that I created for myself and the psychology behind how I "tricked myself" into wanting to stretch.

My inaugural tutorial is a 30-minute video chock full of my simple tips and advice on how to get your splits - even if you are a foot from from the ground!

In this stretching tutorial you will learn:

- How to easily and successfully make stretching a part of your weekly routine by making it fun and enjoyable for yourself so that you will consistently stretch, week after week;

- How to effectively target the specific muscle groups needed to get a pretty, flat, flexible split; and

- How many times a week and for how long you should be stretching.

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