Sharpening My Focus

Lately, I've been into the idea of opposites, more specifically, using feelings like boredom, fear, or dissatisfaction as invitations to experiencing their opposites. For example, if I find myself bored, I can let my mind entertain the idea that the boredom is actually the launching off point toward something more fun and satisfying. Boredom can be an opportunity as opposed to a limitation or as something to be endured until the next exploit. This works for me because usually what happens after I make the choice to gently change the direction of my thought, very quickly, whatever negative feeling I was experiencing begins to transmute into a more beneficial state of mind.  

If, at my core, I believe that life can be everything I want it to be, then in effect, isn't anything that happens to me that appears to be in contrast to that ideal only an invitation to sharpening my focus toward that end? Said another way, when you experience what you don't want, you know what you do want even more. When I live this way, the world opens up to me in ways unexpected which is nice, because that means I don't need to figure it all out all the time - my job here is opening my mind and heart to a new perspective.