The Pure Hand Needs No Glove To Cover It

Pole dancing is beautiful, sexy and delicious as well as...tough. It takes a lot of work to make pole and exotic dancing look so damn good and bruised bodies, scuffed up knees and callused hands are all part and parcel of our wonderful world of badassery. People outside the pole dance bubble don't usually understand, but we dancers love our cuts and scrapes and view them as badges of honor - they signify how hard we work and how tough we are. I love the dichotomy of how the way in which we create beauty is accompanied by this raw, rough-around-the-edges aspect. 

Hand calluses are one of the ways in which pole dancing toughens up our bodies. I love my calluses because they help me grip the pole better when executing tricks. The more I work on the pole, the nastier (aka better) my calluses get. I had the idea a few days ago to have a contest at my studio to see who could get the biggest and best calluses by September 30.