No Flaws, This Is Me: Part II

My newest kick? My new "I'm flawless!" ideology.  Seriously, since taking on the idea that "I'm flawless" everywhere I go I keep seeing how flawless everyone else is too, enabling me to enjoy them for exactly who they are in that moment.  Another thing is that I keep having more and more content pop into my head for more blog posts related to the topic.  So, here it is: No Flaws, This Is Me: Part II.

I've encountered a lot of positive feedback from the original post, but the subject du jour is about the "Yeah, it's easy for you to say you're flawless when you are already beautiful and thin" point of view.  

Everyone experiences doubts about themselves, whether they are stereotypically beautiful or not. This idea of "I'm flawless, this is just how I was made" has NOTHING to do with the way a person looks.  It has everything to do with an attitude that one adopts when they realize that it doesn't matter how many external "fixes" you strive toward and achieve, there will always be something out of reach to keep working toward. It's about realizing the futility in that thought system and deciding that you're DONE WITH IT and that IT'S BORING and that THERE'S A BETTER WAY TO LIVE so that you can enjoy yourself NOW.

And guess what? Adopting the "I'm flawless" attitude actually makes you more hot.  That's what confidence know, that thing that everyone says they wanna be? Guess how you become more confident? By seeing yourself for who you are and fucking owning that shit.  

Many of us, no matter how attractive or smart, struggle to fully let in how beautiful, intelligent and strong we actually are partly because we are constantly striving toward some elusive and slippery ideal. It doesn't matter what you look like, what you've done in your life, how gorgeous you are - we all can benefit from putting that bag of crap down and deciding "We're perfect right now." 

If you think I'm hot, thanks, that's awesome.  And this is me showing you how to be hot, is an attitude - of embracing and of letting go.