The Center Of My Universe

 "I am the center of my universe" is a very different statement than "I am the center of the universe."  The second statement is arrogant and foolish; however, the first statement indicates " I am important to myself and my thoughts about myself matter more than anyone ele's opinion of me. No one has authority over the way I feel about what I do, how I look, who I am."  Go take care of yourself this week, treat yourself like the queen or king that you are to prove to yourself that you ARE the center of your universe. Give yourself the luxury of being the most important person to yourself. How can you treat anyone else ( family, friends, etc.) with love and admiration and like royalty if you can't do it for yourself? After awhile, treating your precious self this way won't be a luxury, but instead, a necessity because you'll see how much more calm and secure you feel when YOU are the one deciding how your life's gonna be, not anyone else.  BONUS: I treat every person I love and adore with even more love and adoration when I hold myself in the highest regard!