Spotify Radio Station And Makeup Of The Day

I love listening to music while getting ready for my day. After I finish my morning writing, I get out of bed, turn my little system on and choose a Spotify radio station to listen to. The volume on my system goes up as I'm brushing my teeth or taking a shower (I gotta be able to actually hear it and the brushing of the teeth can get loud, man) and goes down a bit as I sit at my vanity to paint my face on. Personal philosophy: makeup and music are great ways to start the day.

I'm obsessed with Spotify (you can follow me on Spotify to see all the awesome and sometimes embarassing music I love, just search for me by the name Brandi RockNBody). As pretty much everyone is aware, you can create radio stations on Spotify based off of a particular song. Spotify will then serve you up songs that are similar to this song in the form of a neverending playlist, i.e., radio station.

The song I based today's "getting ready" radio station off of is Rebel Rebel by David Bowie.  These are the first seven songs that came up for me this morning. Goodness. Pure goodness. 

- More than a feeling by Boston

- Heros by David Bowie

- Pump it up by Elvis Costello

- Psycho Killer by Talking Heads

- I'm Eighteen by Alice Cooper

- A Forest by The Cure

- She's not there by The Zombies