The Rock N Body Pole Society

The Rock N Body Pole Society is a group of persons associated for the particular purpose and activity of DOING WHAT WE WANT TO DO - pole dance and having fun - and HOW WE WANT TO DO IT - and not caring about what anyone thinks about it!

Pole Dance, like Rock N Roll, is and always has been loud, big, gritty, and a little bit dirty. We like it like that.

You don’t have to be perfect – hell, you don’t even have to be a good dancer to be a part of our Pole Society. You just have to have the grit and determination to do what you want to do and the courage to support others doing what they want to do. 

Wanna Dance Dirty and Rock On? Join us.

Tanks and crop tops can be purchased in my studio or by calling (813) 280-2931