To The Ladies And Men That...

To the ladies and men that:

Make it a point to stay out til 4am smoking and drinking and have no intention of stopping anytime soon just because they "are real adults now";

Trip in their high heels and laugh about it;

Sleep in their makeup and then rock it all the next day, too;

Make up their own words because they aren't any "real" words to convey the excitement and beauty in their minds;

Walk to the mailbox, through the parking lot and down their hallways at home and aisles at work like it's their goddamn personal runway;

Have failed at more things than most people but whom have also succeeded in more than most;

Hydrate themselves with orange soda, root beer;

Have a dad or a mom that left them at an early age or come from abusive or neglectful beginnings or have been hurt or screwed over in their lives and have learned to live and love with wide open hearts, loving fearlessly and effortlessly;

Think of themselves as beautiful and delight in who they are for the sheer hell of it;

Feed their precious pets more food than they probably should because it feels good to spoil them;

Never judge or criticize others because they know that if they judge, they will NEVER BE FREE;

Think undereye circles or crows feet make them (and everyone else) look a lil sexier;

Own their glory, own their shortcomings, own themselves;

Tattoo their own names on their bodies;

Drive 109 mph over a bridge on a beautiful Valentine night;

Eyes well up with tears because they can't - and don't want to - contain the overwhelming joy or sweet sorrow in their hearts; and

Say "Fuck It" and 

Live Their Lives 

According to That Feeling in their hearts

And That Idea in their minds. 

No matter what anyone says about it...

To the ladies and men that do that:

I love you and I need you and you make this world absolutely beautiful!