Making It Look Easy Is Hard Work

I made this video a little over a year ago and it's time to revisit it. This post is mainly for my students: please remember that those annoying days you have on the pole where you can't nail any of your tricks are all part of the process. I know you look at your instructors and think that we all naturally bust out move after move effortlessly, but I'm here to tell you that your instructors didn't always look as fluid on the pole as they do now. We had to work hard at it and it took time for us to get where we are. We all had (and continue to have) days where we can't get ANY of the tricks we are working on, where we have no grip on the pole or days that we feel just plain uninspired. My advice is simple: keep going. That's all you have to do - keep going even if you feel you look like a drunk giraffe on the pole. It will happen one day. As an aside, a drunk giraffe sounds fucking awesome. 

You know those situations where you see someone making whatever they're doing look easy? That actually took a lot of behind-the-scenes hard work. Additionally, self-talk is important. Even if you feel you can't do something, try not to align yourself for too long with that thought - and at the very least, don't verbalize it. The words we speak have tremendous power. That said, there will be days when you absolutely cannot stop yourself from thinking the "can't" word, we all have them. When I'm in that "can't mental space" one of my favorite phrases I use: I can't do this BUT I'M DOING IT ANYWAY.