When do I feel the most baller, the most gangsta, the most rock star and BADA$$? When I'm faced with an obstacle or problem and my ensuing thoughts, emotions and actions are rooted in a spirit of curiosity and I view said problem as a creative challenge instead of a barrier. PROBLEMS? YA AIN'T GOT NUTHIN ON ME. I will always use everything that comes to me as an opportunity for my growth whether it be good or bad. It's a mindset: when you train yourself to a vibration of seeing possibility everywhere - no matter how bleak a situation appears on its surface - it eventually gets to the point where anything that happens only becomes fodder for more and more growth and freedom.

I'm not implying that I never get knocked on my ass. I am not saying that there will never be circumstances that happen that may take me a minute to get back on my feet again from. Of course there may be these experiences - and that's the entire point here. There will always be problems, but there are just as many solutions. You have to fine tune yourself to that line of thinking instead of letting your conditioned responses rule the roost.