New Beginnings

It was October 2010 when the idea that later grew into House of Cherry was born.  There are times in life when undeniable forces make their way into your everyday reality, and there’s nothing you can do but lay down your defenses, lay down your preconceived notions about how things “should” be and just…flow.  Flow became a word that began to populate my vocabulary on a regular basis; I was either “just going to flow with it” or “going to flow to where life took me” and in those less than perfect conditions when flow wasn’t giving me what was easy, “Flow? Screw flow!”

So what exactly is flow anyway?  To say something is flowing is to understand that it is proceeding outward from its source, to be moving gracefully without interruption or awkwardness, steadily and easily.  Think of a mountain stream or the circulation of blood through the veins and arteries.  These things flow naturally and beautifully as nature intended.  What I had learned in October 2010 from my “enlightening moment” was that I most definitely was not flowing from my source.  My source of creativity had been dammed up – I was working a job I wasn’t happy in and relationships with my loved ones weren’t as connected as I wanted them to be.  This had a deadening effect on me that I hadn’t before seen, and now, because it smacked me in the face, I witnessed how unfulfilling my life had become.  I had no choice but to take steps toward living a more inspiring life. 

The beginning of my new journey toward living a more authentic life was paved with many small, but important intentions: a new dedication to the weekly pole dance classes I had been attending, a daily habit of taking the time to sit and play with my cats, the drinking of beer on random Tuesday afternoons just for the hell of it, and the revisiting of some of the idyllic worldviews my former 10-year-old self used to hold (which included the philosophy that doing whatever pleased me was totally natural and was how life was supposed to be, and included notions that I should be able to eat brownies for dinner, wear my ballet slippers everywhere I went and dance to pop-singer Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” cover song at all hours of the night).  One of these 10-year-old girl notions was that one day, when I was a Big Girl I would own my own shop – so in keeping with my commitment to “flow”, I decided to form a business and just see where it would take me.  Lingerie and sexy attire have always been intriguing to me (from the time I was 7, I would steal my mother’s Fredrick’s of Hollywood catalogues – sorry Mom!), so there was never any question on what type of shop I would own; however, the name of the boutique remained a puzzle.  I needed something sexy, something playful, something fun.  Cherries kept popping into my consciousness…cherries were sweet, juicy, red, shiny and beautiful (and I would be remiss if I neglected to note their sexual connotation!)  It suddenly become a no-brainer and on April 28, 2011, I obtained the business license for House of Cherry and made the decision that all things cherry-related would be fun, freeing and yes, you guessed it – flow from my creative source.

I’ve found that by combining the vivacity and innocent wonder of my 10-year-old self with the capabilities and interests of my adult personality, this venture has blossomed into something beautiful, reinvigorating my life.  Letting go and letting “flow” has enabled me to infuse my livelihood with love and exuberance.  As artist and photographer, Horacio Salinas said recently of his work, “I’m playing and I’ve found a way to make a living out of it.”

It is in this spirit that I bring you to the House of Cherry, where everyone – no matter age, size, height, or personality – can come inside to play and have fun.  There can be so many serious, dull aspects in life, why not indulge ourselves in a little fun time?  Come on in, and let’s let our imaginations flow wild - let’s play dress up, girls!