Words Are Fucking Sexy

Sometimes there's nothing I enjoy more than listening to someone speak that uses language in such a beautiful way that it's like I could sit there all day just to hear them talk.  It's the same with reading a book, an email or even a text message by someone that has a way with the English language.  Movies? Yeah, for sure - I love a movie full of one-liners, monologues - or even just a single word in that monologue that stands out. I love words and phrases that grab onto you, get inside and swim around in your mind in the days and weeks following.  

There are some words in particular that I really love: I love to say them, write them, hear them spoken. And it's not always about the meaning of the word - sometimes there's just something about the way a word sounds or feels when it rolls off the tongue. 

Some of my personal word porn, below. Words are fucking sexy.

  • swish

  • cavalier

  • ilke

  • perhaps

  • fuck

  • militia

  • pedestrian

  • gridiron

  • however

  • ambiguity 

  • trot

  • moxie

  • sprightly